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Stockbrands Valve Boxes

Protect and Access Your Valves with High-Quality Valve Boxes

Valve Boxes

Introducing our extensive range of Valve Boxes, designed to meet the needs of various industries that utilize underground access boxes. The 4N Valve Boxes and Lid Assemblies serve as the perfect alternative to traditional concrete and cast iron boxes.

Key Features:

Experience the exceptional features of our Valve Boxes and Lid Assemblies:

  • Enhanced Durability: Replace less durable concrete with our sturdy plastic construction.
  • Class “B” Traffic Loading: Withstand the rigors of traffic with ease.
  • Lightweight Advantage: Our 4N valve box weighs only 12kg, while concrete weighs 400% more at 60kg.
  • Effortless Installation: Say goodbye to concrete aprons as our valve boxes offer easy installation.
  • High Performance: Our valve boxes meet the stringent standards of AS/NZS 3996.
  • Green Lid for Irrigation: We now offer a “New” green lid specifically designed for irrigation purposes.


By choosing our Valve Boxes, you unlock a range of benefits for your projects:

  • Enhanced Protection: Our valve boxes are less likely to sustain damage during installation and use, ensuring longevity.
  • Efficient Installation: Experience increased efficiency and reduced costs during installation.
  • Employee-friendly: The lighter weight of our valve boxes adheres to weight lift restrictions, minimizing strains and injuries.
  • Improved Workplace Safety: By minimizing workman’s compensation issues, our valve boxes prioritize the well-being of employees and installers.

Important Notes:

To ensure proper installation, please follow the network owner’s installation instructions. Refer to the provided link for detailed guidelines.

Please note that the lid assembly must be securely fastened to the valve box using the 8 pre-drilled holes located around the edge of the lid assembly. We recommend using stainless steel G316 12G x 1″ PAN XR SELF TAPPERS for optimal performance.

Stock Brands proudly offers a wide selection of Valve Boxes that outperform traditional alternatives. Upgrade your underground access system with our durable and efficient solutions. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive range and benefit from the superior quality of our Valve Boxes.

Valve Boxes

Lid Assemblies – Class “B” traffic loading


Round Sluice Valve Cover (SVC) Assembly – Class “D” traffic loading

  • Suits 150mm Series 2 pipe
  • Class “D” traffic loading
  • Available colours – blue / lilac / orange / black
  • Complete assembly includes, black base, lid holder or surround, lid, 2 x locking caps, 1 x dust cap (PVC pipe not included) 

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