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Stockbrands Butt Welded Pipe & Fittings

Durable and Precise Butt Welded Pipe & Fittings for Reliable Pipeline Solutions

Butt Welded Pipe & Fittings

4N Products is proud to introduce our range of prefabricated fittings specifically designed for the potable water and irrigation industries. All our fittings are meticulously welded by certified welders, ensuring exceptional quality and reliability.

Butt Welding:

Experience the advantages of butt welding (or butt fusion) jointing, a thermofusion process that guarantees durable connections. This method involves simultaneous heating of the ends of two components until a melt state is achieved on each contact surface. The result is a permanent, cost-effective, and efficient connection. Controlled pressure is then applied, followed by specific cooling time, resulting in a homogeneous fusion. The resulting joint is resistant to end thrust and performs comparably to the pipe under pressure. This jointing technique requires an electrically heated plate to raise the temperature of the pipe ends to the required fusion temperature. It is suitable for PE63, PE80, and PE100 grades of material for pipes with a size of 32mm and above, based on the same Standard Dimension Ratio (SDR).


Our manifolds are manufactured to Water Corporation specifications, ensuring compliance and reliability. We offer a size of 63mm PE pipe with the option of two Off Takes, 20mm or 25mm BSP Threads. These manifolds provide efficient distribution and control of water flow in potable water and irrigation systems.

Butt Welded Fittings and Assemblies:

At 4N Products, we provide a comprehensive in-house fabrication service to meet all your PE fabrication needs. Our expertise includes supplying various fittings such as tees, elbows, and pipes fitted with backing rings. We offer sizes ranging from 63mm to 180mm PE Pipe & Fittings, ensuring we can fulfill your specific project requirements.

Stand-up Protectors:

We take pride in designing and developing the stand-up protector for the Water Corporation. This innovative product has proven to be highly successful in preventing theft of water meter risers for pre-laid water services. By implementing our stand-up protectors, you can protect your valuable assets and maintain the integrity of your water distribution infrastructure.

Stock Brands is your trusted partner for top-quality butt welded pipe and fittings. With our commitment to excellence and superior products, we provide reliable solutions for the potable water and irrigation industries. Contact us today to explore our comprehensive range of fittings and enhance the efficiency and performance of your piping systems.

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Stockbrands is an ISO 9001:2015 Accredited Manufacturer. Contact our distributors today.


Stockbrands is an ISO 9001:2015 Accredited Manufacturer. Contact our distributors today.

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