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Stockbrands Copper Pipe & Brass Ware

Premium Quality Copper Pipe & Brass Ware for Exceptional Plumbing Solutions

Copper Pipe & Brass Ware

Explore our extensive range of Copper Pipe & Brass Ware, brought to you by 4N Products. We offer a diverse selection of water and gas risers, along with a variety of valves crafted from brass and stainless steel, catering to a wide range of applications.

Discover our featured products:

Riser Inlet Assembly: Our 20mm Right Angle Valve is specifically designed for PE Water Connections. With options available in left, right, and straight orientations, you can easily connect to PE pipes according to your specific requirements. For non-standard fittings, we can also manufacture custom solutions upon request.

Brass Ware: We supply a comprehensive range of water and gas fittings tailored for the civil industry. Our offerings include Civil Ball Valves, WaterMarked Ball Valves, Gas approved Ball Valves, Stainless Steel Ball Valves, and Press-fit Ball Valves. For detailed information about our brass ware products, please reach out to our office. Our knowledgeable team will be happy to assist you.

Stock Brands is your trusted partner for top-quality Copper Pipe & Brass Ware. With our commitment to excellence and superior products, we provide reliable solutions for your water and gas system needs. Contact us today to explore our extensive range of fittings and valves, and enhance your plumbing and gas installations.

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