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Stockbrands Nylon Tipped Male Studs

Stock Brands: Nylon Tipped Male Studs - Superior Quality Livestock Fasteners for Secure and Reliable Tag Attachment

Nylon Tipped Male Studs

Our Nylon Tipped Male Studs are specifically designed to be compatible with all Stockbrands RFID and flag style cattle and sheep tags, ensuring seamless integration with our livestock identification solutions. Manufactured in Australia with utmost precision, these studs are crafted using high-grade engineered nylon plastic that undergoes UV stabilization, guaranteeing exceptional durability even in demanding field conditions. With an unwavering commitment to longevity and performance, our Nylon Tipped Male Studs are built to withstand the test of time. Additionally, each stud is laser marked, providing clear and permanent identification, ensuring efficient and accurate livestock management. Trust in our Nylon Tipped Male Studs to securely fasten your tags and deliver reliable identification for your valuable livestock.

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