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SHEEP TAGS Our Sidney Tags are NLIS approved and manufactured in Australia. Our Strong Tags are also NLIS approved, manufactured in Australia and sold worldwide for over thirty years. Our applicators are designed to ensure easy application of our tags. read more
CATTLE TAGS FDX RFID cattle tag is USDA approved and can be manufactured in a range of colours with either read only or read/write transponders. Our Nylon Tipped Male Studs are compatible with all Stockbrands RFID and flag style cattle and sheep tags, manufactured in Australia. read more
PIG TATTOO STRIKER Our Pig Strikers are all aluminium and made in Australia. They have easy replaceable numbers and are approved by the Department of Agriculture. Up to six numbers or six letters are available and are specially hardened unbreakable pins. read more
TITANIUM TAGS Our Titanium Tags were originally produced for the tagging of turtles, this tag is manufactured using high grade titanium making it ideal for use in marine environments. Marking options include laser or pinwheel stamping. Our applicators are made from stainless steel. read more

Stockbrands Co Pty Ltd is an Australian owned market leader in the innovation and manufacture of rugged, high quality animal identification products and industrial tagging solutions. Our facilities are based in Osborne Park, Western Australia.


At Stockbrands, we produce a range of products including Visual and Electronic tags made in a wide range of materials to suit a range of applications. We also manufacture Stencils, Ear Markers, Drinking Bowls and Wild Dog Traps.


When your're looking for Custom Injection Moulding Ace Plastics Pty Ltd has the expertise to design, manufacture, assemble and deliver on time, every time.

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Under the banner of 4N Products and together with our sister company Ace Plastics we manufacture a range of products for the gas and water industries.

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